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JAC N-Series 6 Ton Brochure

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JAC N-Series 3 TON C/C (AC)

FROM R374 900 incl. *

JAC N-Series 3 TON D/S (AC)

FROM R389 900 incl. *

JAC N-Series 6 TON C/C (AC)

FROM R574 900 incl. *

JAC N-Series 6 TON D/S (AC)

FROM R594 900 incl. *

Key Attributes

  • 3 Ton truck – Standard 5 year/150 000 km
    manufacturer warranty
  • Seating capacity of 3 persons
    with seat belts
  • Factory fitted air-conditioning
  • JAC International have more than 50 years of experience in truck manufacturing
  • 3 Ton truck – 5 year/60 000 km Service Plan
  • Most competitive value for money market pricing in it’s class
  • Fuel consumption was tested at </= 10l/100km on average combined cycle
  • Service Intervals (Which every comes first)
    (3 Ton)

    First Service 5000km or 6 months

    Second Service  15 000km or 12 months

    Thereafter every 10 000km or 12 months

  • 6 Ton truck – Standard 2 year/ unlimited km manufacturer warranty
  • Solid diesel power output
    of 80Kw on the 3 Ton model.
  • Low running costs due to internationally tested winning formulas



The best value for money Trucks available in South Africa.
The JAC N-Series Trucks offer a variety of options when it comes to Trucking solutions. 3 Ton & 6 Ton variants are available.

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The  N-Series is fitted with modern designed truck interior giving it a clean finish.

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Loading Ability

One-time press formed by a 6,000 ton pressing machine, matched with a large-ton front and rear axles and reinforced longitudinal beam have established superior loading.

The application of the new generation platform modular chassis design can greatly improve loading efficiency of the N-Series Models.


Updated Transmission and an international gear layout makes it easy to shift gears.

An optimised steering system can reduce power drain and increase stability while running at various speeds.


JAC is the first light duty truck which has passed the complete vehicle collision high-standard test in China.

The JAC N-Series was equipped with security features such as ABS, Auxiliary Braking, Air Brakes, Frame Side Mirrors etc.



JAC N-Series Trucks cooperates with Top World Suppliers such as Cummins, Bosch etc.

JAC N-Series Trucks have passed 1 000 000km reliability tests under high temperature,high frigid, high humidity & high altitude conditions.

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